Monday, March 10, 2014

November 2014 Collection

1A. Leanor Fini, Self Portrait, 1968

1B.  Mary Cassatt, Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge

1C. Albrecht Durer, Self Portrait

2A. Berthe Morisot, The Cradle

2B. Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Two Women at a Window

2C. Johannes Vermeer, The Milkmaid

3A. John William Waterhouse, My Sweet Rose

3B. Paul Gauguin, The Cellist

3C. Francisco Goya, Senora Sabasa Garcia

4A. Pablo Picasso, Reading at a Table

4B. John Singer Sargent, Madame X

4C. Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky

5A. Jack Vettriano, The Singing Butler

5B. Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World

6A. Marc Chagall, Solitude

6B. Edouard Manet, The Railway

7A. Paul Cezanne, The Card Players

7B. Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch Baur

7C. Jacques-Louis David, Portrait of Madame Récamie

8A. El Greco, A Lady in a Fur Wrap

8B. Henri Matisse, Woman with a Hat

8C. Pierre-Auguste Renior, Young Girl Combing Her Hair

9A. Alphonse Mucha, Night’s Rest

9B. Juan Gris, Pierrot

9C. Winslow Homer, Morning Glories

Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks

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